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Release stress, anxiety and overwhelm
Discover rapid ways to calm your nervous system and rewire your mindset

Sleep better
Drift off to sleep faster with soundwave technology and wake up feeling nourished

Heal yourself
Access global healing experts on-demand to bring your mind, body and soul into balance

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Connect with a caring community of people all striving for a fulfilling and purposeful life

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Anywhere and everywhere

Wherever you are in the world, whenever you need it, you have access to world-class healing experts and powerful tools to restore you inflow with life.

Fits with your schedule

Choose different duration times for your healing session based on the time you have available. Whether you have 5 or 30 minutes, you'll find it easy to fit in.

A dedicated team that cares

We have a dedicated customer support team for all our Healing Hub members. Every company will have a Customer Success Manager to ensure a seamless experience.

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"Having tried (and mainly failed) to get into other mindfulness and mediation practices , this is a genuine game changer - I feel more calm, grateful and positive after every session, it’s easy to maintain and requires minimal effort"

Steve McConnell

"The Healing Hub has been a life changing experience. I have always had high levels of anxiety and low confidence. Since practicing the daily breathing exercises I feel much calmer. It's enabled me to be more confident and it certainly helped me with my levels of anxiety. If I miss a few days I can feel the difference"


HubSpot Video
Susie - Dealing with anxiety

Mum and part-time Project Manager

“It’s like I’m not holding onto anything, I can actually properly breathe for the first time.”

HubSpot Video
Ian - Releasing physical pain 

Regional Director and Father of 2

“My stress was physically manifesting itself with abdominal pains which were worrying me.”