R66 Online Stress Management and Personal Wellbeing Programme

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You're invited to kickstart your 2022 and join the next R66 programme starting on 8th February. 

The programme provides quick and easy daily stress management tips and tools to gently restore your mind and body back into balance.

R66 was developed by Nikki J. Owen to share with you the rapid change in mindset, energy and wellbeing techniques she’s used with thousands of people like you during the last 30 years

The R66 personal wellbeing programme provides immediate and sustainable relief from the burden of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Starting 8th February 2022.

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Feel calmer in just 10 minutes

Do you want something that’s going to give you instant relief from stress, anxiety and overwhelm?

The Healing Hub App:

  • Fits in easily to your daily routine
  • Helps you to cope with life’s challenges
  • Increases your confidence
  • Improves your relationships with self and others
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Enhances your energy and mental clarity
  • Improves your tolerance and compassion
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“We believe that any individual can live their best life when they are no longer burdened by stress, anxiety and overwhelm.”

Nikki J. Owen, Founder, The Healing Hub

Experience 8D surround-sound by listening to an extract from ‘Birdsong’ with your headphones.

8D surround-sound

Beautifully produced tracks when listened to through headphones keep you fully present. This allows you to effortlessley still your mind, free from distracting thoughts that make meditation so challenging.

Our unique compositions incorporate rhythmic entrainment, a process that influences the heart rate and emotional response of the listener to cleanse negative emotions through music therapy.


Neuroscience-inspired technology

Stress triggers cortisol and adrenaline that overstimulates the brain and body, making it challenging to access a calm peaceful state.

This is why we use binaural beats technology as soundwave therapy to create a meditative state effortlessly so the mind and body can heal, repair and restore.

Watch to see how binaural beat soundwave technology works to relax the mind and body.

Learn how we synchronise the left and right brain hemispheres for improved mental clarity and cognitive thinking.

Whole brain synchronisation

Your brain is comprised of two hemispheres: the left side is used for reasoning, logic and control, the right side is for empathy and creativity. Many individuals have a tendency to use one side more than the other.

Our stressbusting techniques include a unique panning process that synchronises the left and right hemispheres of the brain work collaboratively.  This improves intelligence, memory, cognitive performance and overall mental health.

How does the stressbusting process work?

Breathing Space is our powerful technique that blends 4 scientifically-proven stressbusting steps with neuroscience-inspired technology to create immediate change in how you feel.



Increases your oxygen levels to change the chemistry of your body and identify buried negative emotions.


Breath Retention

Calms your nervous system to activate your body’s natural healing abilities, restoring your body’s balance.


Primal Releasing

Release pent up emotions that trigger stress by activating endorphins to boost your energy and feel good instantly.


Rewiring Mindset

Build and strengthen empowering neural circuits that changes your mindset and behaviour while you relax.

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What people say

Unlike anything I have encountered before.

Made such an instant and positive difference to my mood and left me feeling lighter and full of energy I felt like I could achieve anything I wanted. This has the potential to make a big difference to people’s lives and change the way they think and feel.

Sarita Birks

I immediately felt a profound impact.

I have found meditation incredibly challenging and never succeeded at it. With this technique I suddenly felt able to focus on my breath with a quiet mind. My kids and wife have all said how much calmer I am. If you’ve struggled with meditation before then I suggest you give this a try.

Steve McConnell

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