Stress management: going beyond wellbeing

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The Healing Hub helps organisations and individuals beat stress, manage anxiety and reduce overwhelm with its unique process, music and neuroscience-inspired technology.

What we should be doing and what we actually do are sometimes two very different things. 

This is especially true when it comes to stress management. Most of us have a pretty good general idea that if we pay attention to our wellbeing (e.g. eating properly, keeping active, being aware of our screen-time consumption), we should be better equipped to handle the challenges life throws at us.

General wellbeing advice often sounds wonderful in theory. The trouble is, when you are already feeling overwhelmed, you are not always receptive to solutions that might actually help you. A vicious circle can develop: you know things need to change in order to beat stress, but you are just too stressed to make those changes. 

We understand just how hard this challenge can be. That’s why we’re interested in workable solutions to stress that go beyond general wellbeing advice, and really get to the heart of the problem. 

To see what we mean, here’s a look at some of the blocks to improving your wellbeing you may be facing, and how The Healing Hub can help you overcome them. 

The blocks 

Stress has taken its toll already 

To make positive life changes, it helps to have a clear head - along with a relatively clear diary. When you’ve got time on your hands, there’s scope to maybe take up new activities, arrange events with friends, brush up on your healthy cooking habits and such like. With these changes under your belt, you can increase your resilience to cope if and when life becomes more hectic. 

However, as we’ve all seen over the last year or so, major stress has a habit of arriving unannounced, very often before you’ve had the chance to build up your resilience to it. Many of us have recently found ourselves dealing with increased workloads, new processes and anxious colleagues. Once you combine a growing list of day-to-day demands along with unexpected emotions triggered by fear, there often isn’t the bandwidth to make big changes. 

Mental receptiveness to change 

Some practices - e.g. yoga, meditation and mindfulness - can certainly do a lot to improve your wellbeing. However, they are by no means a ‘quick fix’. They often involve learning new techniques and you really need to be open to new ways of thinking in order to get the best out of them. 

The trouble is that some of the most debilitating symptoms of stress include anxiety, brain fog and loss of focus. In terms of receptiveness, stress can result in the worst possible mindset for trying to master new techniques. You need effort and willpower - and stress can rob you of both.

The solution 

You may have heard of the two stress hormones: cortisol and adrenaline. When you are overwhelmed by these, it becomes impossible to relax, feel calm and reach the positive state you need for true wellbeing. 

This is the problem that The Healing Hub addresses. Using tried and tested techniques, along with technology inspired by neuroscience, we can help you neutralise the blocks that stop you from releasing stress. 

To find out more, take a closer look.

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